External balconies especially for Malaysian homes are usually left bare, dirty or looks boring. At most, it was commonly use as shoes and clothes hanging areas or simply to host your air con compressors .

Worst, due to the increasing cost per square feet of our property prices, Malaysian developers now have even shrink down or even consider removing the under-utilised balcony area to compromise the available limited spaces within the unit.

Well here in this article, we would like to share some of the creative ideas to beautify your balcony (if you have one) even if yours is tiny with slightly enough area to step out of doors.

Spending little time and efforts to decorate your balcony makes you and your love ones feels relaxed and fascinating especially after a day of long working hours.

Tips: Hanging flowers or plants, vertical gardens e.g. green walls, furnished with simples space-saving furniture like folding chairs and tables can be great addition to any small space.

There are so many great ideas can be found via online as references, but here, we have listed 15 out of many design ideas that will make your outdoor living space pleasant and relaxing.

Enjoy and have fun reading it.

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What do you think about these ideas? Isn’t it fascinating? Would you love to transform your dull and boring balcony into a lively and refreshing family space? Tell us your thought. Alternatively, contact us if your need any of our Interior Design services.

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