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The bathroom is one of most complex design and hard to construct place in the house, yet almost 99% of the time under-appreaciated. Not to mention, the bathroom plumbing system is central to designing the entire layout of the house because all buildings commonly share a ‘wet wall’ or piping system. All these tells you just how important the bathroom is, both in comfort and utility, in any home designing and construction.

It can be very stressful to renovate this part of your house, especially if you have to liaison between the designers and the contractors. You might have trouble conveying your needs to both parties, or you may have trouble getting them to agree on something, in short, it is a recipe to disaster if not handled well. At Master Craft, you can rest easy as we are a design-and-build company that handles everything from the drawing the blueprints and planning the interior design, to the construction works and polishing up the end product. The process of designing and construction is especially important when renovating the bathroom as many considerations crucial for a flawless functioning bathroom, such as the pipe lines, flooring materials, lighting, space, and bathroom features, are addressed.


The perfect bathroom isn’t just about looking clean, spacious and comfortable. It needs to be able to function in tip-top conditions at all times. The basic construction of walls and flooring doesn’t end at finding the right quality-assured materials for the wall and flooring tiles, the process of quality labour in the waterproofing and the finishing is required to ensure no leaks make rude appearances right after the renovation process. Safety is also an issue we put a lot of focus on. We understand that appliances such as electrical shavers, hair dryers, and even the water heaters are part and parcel of the bathroom package. We design and construct the electrical wiring and plumbing system with safety and convenience in mind, so that any possibility of accidents within the bathroom is minimised to the point of zero. These details may escape inexperienced homeowners, but our company ensures that everything, down to the last tiny detail, is supervised and managed for the perfect outcome.

That is not to say that the outlook design takes a backstage. Our interior designers are happy to work closely with you to bring out the best design for your bathroom experience. Depending on personal taste and style, as well as budget constraints, we can customise the bathroom layout design to incorporate a mixture of different materials, utilise the best lighting, and decide on the most suitable bathroom features. The design will cover whether you want to have a separate tub and shower, where to place the sink, what sort of materials (glass or ceramics) to use, where to store the toiletries and cleaning appliances, and what kind of atmosphere you’d prefer – warm, modern, or rustic. There are no limits to the designs we can come up with when working on your bathroom, so contact us today and get started on achieving the best bathroom experience in your life.

Our extended services include carpentry work, manufacturing, electrical work, water work, security parameter installation, premise improvements and much more. Master Craft can also handle separately on kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, and factory design and construct. Talk to our sales designer today by calling 1800181895 or visit our office and showroom at Petaling Jaya.

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