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For many, the bedroom is special. That is not surprising as our bedroom is an extension of ourselves, it reflects who we are, the innermost expression of our personalities, hobbies, and our lives. It is where we retreat to after a long, hard day of struggling with the daily challenges at work, at school, and even at home. The bedroom signifies a safe haven, a place to escape and rest before rising again the next day to face life. The bedroom is our own personal space, it is the only place we can fully indulge in our own flair and style to create the perfect setting required for us to relax, rest and get a good night’s sleep.

Master Craft Design Group is confident that we can create the bedroom of your dreams, while staying within your budget. Our talented team takes pride in understanding both your wants and needs. We listen to your preferences and conduct free site visits so that we better understand the client and the building structure, and incorporate all of it into our work. Our in-house designers and contractors, professionals in their respective fields, work together as a team to design and construct a quality living space that looks and feels spacious, happy, and comfortable. To get a better idea of how we work and what we deliver, feel free to take a look at our portfolio.


A well-designed bedroom isn’t just about choosing the right type of furniture and the best colour for the walls. At Master Craft, we take into account the placement of the windows, doors, bathroom, electrical fixings, and plug points. For the best bedroom layout, there are considerations to be made regarding storage space, lighting, furniture size and placement, and spacing. Most importantly, the flow of the bedroom should look big, beautiful, and uncluttered, but still feel safe and cosy. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority and every client has a different taste in style and budget to work with. Therefore, we plan, design, and build even the most insignificant detail to achieve the best results possible.

There are many important aspects when it comes to redesigning your bedroom, it may seem small and insignificant, but the tiny details are what makes the biggest differences in the long run. That’s what we’re here for! We help you to visualise your ideas, support it with our technical expertise, and manage your costing and budgeting to ensure you get to live in your dream house. So visit us at our showroom and office today, or call 1800181895 or visit our office and showroom at Petaling Jaya for more information on how we can get started.


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