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Kitchen is one of the most highly utilized but under appreciated place in a house or office. A common picture of old housing build will immediately link you with greasy tiles, dirty grouts, food residuals and ugly, slimy scene. No one wants to get there. However, you and I both know that kitchens are the cook’s studio and dojo. Mom and dad practice their culinery a lot in there. Providing food on the table and rounding up us to enjoy a hearty meal. A kitchen’s purpose is to serve, we design them to serve us even better.

A great designed kitchen not just mix and match colors and choosing materials of tiles and furnitures. A great kitchen design has a lot of rationale going behind the scene. With our talented designers, we put you in consideration every step of the way. For example, the scene where you and your kids work together cooking, a family of 6 eating happily around kitchen area, how to plan the space so you can minimize movements in kitchen yet maximize productivity etc.

Safety is another reason our Interior Designers focus on. We understand what appliances are being used in the kitchen, where to place the oven, microwave, stove, gas cylinder, fridge, toasters, blenders, cutleries, knives, pans, and many other things in proper manner; so you and your kids are safe. We design the electrical work as well, where to place your sockets, how to draw power to your ovens, and switch, where should the sink be placed, how big it is, what is the piping works like and what types of tap looks best with your design style.

There are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart design and thinking. Contact our Sales Designers to get more information, or view our portfolios. If you’re around, drop by and say hi at our office / showroom at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Master Craft Designs are unique and beautiful. It is also highly customizable. We plan your storages, how to conceal things that you don’t need and where to store your kitchen utilities at easily-accessible place. We can design your kitchen floor planning, play with classy, contemporary styles of islands, or breakfast counters, or even a bar counter for you to serve your guests. We also take care of your storage panning in counter top or overhead cabinets. Last but no least, an overall lightning experience for you to locate what you need in the evening, types of led and colors of light chosen to best bring out the kitchen taste.

Design styles may vary with taste and budget. We work with clients closely to bring out the best ideas. Your kitchen experience can range from solid metal, hard and cold; to different types of wood to bring out the warmth; or other materials such as ceramics and glass to bring out the overall beauty. Contact us today, experience different styles of traditional, maritimes, modern contemporary kitchen and more.

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