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When it comes to house renovating and home interior design, most people will hesitate to take on the change, especially Malaysians. However, the trend over the years, more and more people are acknowledging and recognizing the values behind a good interior design and renovation can last for years and still amaze people. The purpose of house renovation or home remodeling usually boils down to comfort, safety, and art by expressing the owner’s inner world.

The challenge in Malaysia, lies in the culture and tradition, people normally embrace the “Do-it-Myself so I can save a little” attitude. It’s not wrong to DIY home renovation or interior design as long as one knows what he is doing. There are a lot of elements to consider when it come to home interior design. Let’s start from the drawing board, interior designers will carefully calculate the size of space available, the structure of premise and hard-obstacles such as beams, electrical wiring and pipelines. After all measurements are correct, designers will start to imagine, draw, review, improve, draw again until a great piece of art work is done. If individual contractors or owners did the calculation and measurement wrongly, it could result in permanent damage to building structure. That will cost a lot, sometimes exceed owners budget to repair or continue the work; even worse, calculation error may cause harm to users or contractors.

At Master Craft Group. we take pride in quality deliveries and customers satisfactions. Our in-house designers and contractors work seamlessly together ensure you get the best. Safety is our main priority, when hacking, remodeling, rewiring, or even simple drilling is involved, we ensure property procedures and only trained workers on site. We will take care of your electrical work, piping, roofing, and permanent building structure. We plan your space carefully, ensuring the design provides you comfort and beauty at every corner: dry / wet kitchen, dining room, toilets & bathrooms, master bedrooms, kids room and utility spaces. From here, we will advise you what materials to be used according to your preference: ceramics, glass, types or tiles, wood, metal or others.

Interior Design is full with endless possibilities, our talents will create a space that looks bigger, brighter and bolder without compromising beauty and comfort; simply using paints, tiles, wallpapers, and fixed furnitures such as kitchen cabinets, mirrors, entertainment space and bathtubs. We also provide services in furnishing, selecting the right couch, dining tables & chairs, TV sets, art pieces, lights, and sinks.

Visit Master Craft showroom today, for a beautiful, modern, space-saving, expressive, and comfortable home for you and your family. Master Craft can be your one-point, hassle-free design-and-build company.

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