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10 creative ways to increase office productivity through Interior Design & Renovation

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In the corporate world, people are tend to work with a company for years when a company has a good corporate culture and value the branding and employees as a whole. When it comes to branding, office interior is one of the elements because the office’s appearance is like the cover of a company. It is a showcase of its corporate identity and quality to the public.

Despite the above, most of the global companies leverage this creative office design factor to attract smart, intelligent, high potential young employees to work with them to create work productivity and efficiency. These companies understand that when their employees work in a well-designed company, they can have better concentration, able to work in comfort and can bring happiness to their lives.

You must have been wondering, what kind of creative office designs that can provide motivation and inspiration to the employees?!


Modern open office concept

Cubicle office concept is totally out of trend many years ago and most companies prefer to have an open office concept to create a spacious look. Not only this, the open office design must look modern and contemporary, at the same time to create a friendly and engaging workspace in collaborative and connective manners among the employees. 

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Ergonomic furniture

A well-designed office layout always incorporates functional and adjustable furniture design to promote healthy and pleasant working lifestyle. Standing workstation, convertible work desk, multipurpose desk with easy access to files and stationeries as well as the adjustable chair allow the employees working comfortably with better concentration.

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Private work lounge

In this innovative and creative competitive corporate world, lounge setting workplace is designed to promote creativity and work efficiency for the employees. It is a great discussion and meeting place when you have a group of 2-4 people with focus and concentration. If you are stressed out and need a change of work environment out from your own desk with some privacy, private work lounge is the best option for you!


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Green Wall

We all know facing computer and other digital gadgets all day long can affect our wellbeing especially our eyesight and mood. It is brilliant if an office has a wall that made up of hundreds of plants to provide a touch of nature to the employees and create calming energy for a busy working environment. A green wall is indeed a piece of living art décor. If the plants are herbs, employees can plug them off and take back home for cooking. What a fantastic office interior idea which can bring office interior creativity and healthy working lifestyle!


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A modern and contemporary office must have some fun elements to brighten up the work place. Accessorize your office lobby, reception area, work lounge area or even your meeting room with some colourful ottomans in different shapes (round, oval, square, hexagon, octagon and multi-shape) to create a vibrant and create environment. The stylish ottomans can make a bold statement to your office interior design.


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Hanging chair

Enhance and upgrade your office lounge area with some hanging chairs can create a pleasant and relaxing environment. It can support your employees to relieve stress and allow their bodies to relax while working.


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Hammock and hanging chair, both have relaxing function, yet hammock can provide a comfortable short resting space for the employees. A quick and short rest of 10 to 15 minutes rest on the hammock is proven to energize the employees, to be more happy and efficient at work, and have no reason to procrastinate.


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Pool Table

It’s hip and fun to display a pool table in the office. Don’t you think so? It adds the vibrant energy to tone down the office’s serious look. It’s a ‘CoOOol’ tool to enhance the connection between the employees, once in a while, company can have pool table match to promote healthy competitiveness and create a bonding among the employees.


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It’s an inspiring and innovative idea to build a slide in the office. It reminds all the employees to have fun and enjoy the work with creativity. And that’s not all, a fun working environment can help to retain staffs and keep the staffs to be always happy.



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Complete office kitchen bar or pantry


Feel bored to eat out every day for breakfast and lunch? It would be nice to have a full kitchen bar or pantry to make simple breakfast with fried egg and sausages, or a simple spaghetti or fried rice for lunch. It is not only a healthier working lifestyle, it can create bonding among the employees by sharing own cook food with others. Nice and warm working environment!



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