FAQ of Interior Design Company | Home Renovation Malaysia
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Process of Enquiry to Completion?

Generally, the process can be simplified into following steps:

  1. Enquiry & Discussion – Understanding client’ needs.
  2. Design & Quote Process – ID drawings finalized, client award the project.
  3. Break Ground – Constructions work initiated.
  4. Progress Update – Sales team and supervisors keep client updated on work.
  5. Final Inspection – Upon completion, client will check on-site.
  6. Sign-off – Client sign off the project and mark it as 100% completed.
Payment Method
We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer (lock and International)
Interior Decorator VS Interior Designer

Interior Decorator generally deals with loose furnitures, usually focusing on picking and arranging furnitures, accessories and decorative items to design the interior look and feels.

Interior Designer covers a broader range – from designing the first look, impression when a person walks into the space, to hacking a building wall to change the space orientation. Unlike an architect or civil, interior designer has to work between building core structures such as beams and ceiling height. However, Interior Design can design all the water pipes, electrical wiring, to installing a mezzanine level (depending on situation).

Do I need an Interior Designer?

No, you don’t need an Interior Designer.

Unless you want your space to be awesome, branded, fresh, standout and make your clients, friends, family go WOW!

An Interior Designer is a profession dedicated to the smallest detail a human eye can see, a skill to communicate to people’s innate desire, an art to demonstrate and express itself, a masterpiece strive to be remembered by people who have seen it.

Remember the last building you visited? What was the look, feel, experience to you? (That’s why you need a Real Interior Designer from Master Craft)


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