What Makes A Great Interior Design? Find Out More

What Makes an Inspiring Interior Design?

Interior Design — A fancy, lavish term that could captivate just about anybody’s attention even with the mention of the word itself. Imagine walking into a room; Your heart suddenly skips a beat and you feel nothing but good vibes and perhaps wouldn’t mind lingering there for a day… or two. That, my friends, is what a good interior design does to you. But what truly makes an inspiring interior design? Could it be the choice of colour paints, materials, or simply the arrangement of the furnitures? Well dear readers, it might as well be all of those. An incredible interior design lies on the very basis of the design principle. Wondering what they are? Keep reading!

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1. Unity

When you think unity, you think togetherness. That’s right, this principle is achieved when the elements within the space — such as the selection colour, furniture, patterns, and textures — complement each other to create a sense of harmony. This in turn forms a perspective where all the objects in the space come together as one, hence making the viewers feel belonged.

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2. Balance

This principle stresses mainly on the arrangement within the space. You may see balance as having everything symmetrical, that is however not the case. Rather, there are other aspects too, known as asymmetry and radial. Asymmetry balance can be achieved in a space with any elements used so long that they are outlined by an imaginary focal point. Radial balance, on a slightly varying case, is achievable when the elements circulate themselves symmetrically around a central piece — commonly  a lighting fixture or a table.

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3. Rhythm

Just like music, design has its own beats. Rhythm highlights the sense of movement in the space, one that makes the space to appear more appealing and alive. This principle is accomplished through a series of repetition and alternation of the elements displayed, as well as progression where the elements ascend and descend in order.

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4. Emphasis

Every space needs a focal point; a feature to grab one’s attention. The extravagant use of elements like the colour, pattern, and texture have become the norm in the design world when it comes to emphasizing the character of a space. Literally, a showstopper.

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5. Contrast

Contrast means variation; anything that creates a difference. This principle takes colour, form, and space into accounts, combining and extracting their opposites to make them distinguishable. For instance, take a white couch and toss over some black printed pillows. Voilà, you just got yourself a pretty interesting space.

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6. Proportion

Similar to unity, this principle signifies on togetherness. The suitable selection of size, form, and even the colour of the objects within the space are important to ensure that a sense of balance and harmony can be created at a glance.

Source: Behance

7. Details

Every little thing matters. True, so does the detail. These details create the big picture in the interior design of a space. The gap between the patterns, the slight curve on the edge of the furniture, and even the velvety touch of the fabric are significant to add a distinctive intricacy to the space that everyone will undoubtedly find beautiful.

So there you go — seven design principles that would definitely make your space inspiring. Do you find this article useful? Tell us your thoughts. If you would like us to make your space inspiring, contact us now. Really, it’s only a click away!

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